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There’s no denying the fact that the entirety of the United States is divided politically right now. We’re not going to get into sides or platforms because the important thing is that the upcoming election is undoubtedly one of the most influential in the history of this country, which means voting is more important than ever. American watch manufacturer Shinola wants to help you look the part while doing your part with the new “I Voted” version of their popular Detrola watch. Glossy red case mated to a bright blue dial and strap with a hand-assembled movement and polished stainless accents complete the looks of what might be the most patriotic watch we’ve ever seen. The brand is also helping to get the word out with help from I am a voter.®  because “no matter why you vote or who you vote for, it’s vital to get out there and actually do it.” In the meantime, show off your American pride with this incredibly bright watch.

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