This sponsored post is brought to you by Bonobos.

When we asked you to Name Your Own Bonobos Pants for a chance at part of the $1500 prize package, we had no idea so many people (there were around 500 entries) would have great names for the perfect pair of paisley pants. The fine folks at Bonobos had some time to ponder the entries and decided to name them… *drum roll please* … Handkerchinos. Congratulations Jeremy, you’re the big winner.

Here are the runner-ups:

Patrick Swaisley by Brian
Don’t Paise Me Bro by Brad
Paised and Enthused by David
Hankie-Leg by Kel
Bandino Chino by Caleb
Cut & Paisley by Daniel
Seize the Daisley by Dan
Grandana by Lang
Drape Snakes by Gus
Paisley Pandelbrots by Ken

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to Bonobos!


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