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Brendon Babenzien is keeping busy. Not only is he the co-founder of Noah, but he has taken on the mantle of Creative Director for J. Crew. And, boy, are we seeing a new direction for the brand. With the 2022 Fall Lookbook, we are invited to a new tone of the brand. It seems they put the brakes on the churn of palatable patterns year-after-year and thought critically about what they wanted the brand to be. Now, we are witnessing in real-time the renaissance of one of America’s most classic clothiers. What appears to be elements of classic Ralph Lauren and New England living, we’re greeted with an array of neutral-toned sweaters, rubys, and chinos. Now, while that may not excited everyone on paper, you have to see to believe the slouchy shoulders, tailored hemlines, and playful patterns that really set the hashtag-menswear community talking this week – and for good reason.

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