In case you’ve been ignoring the fashion world as of late (who can blame you), camo is kind of a big deal again. You can get camo versions of a: bow tie, shoes, sneakers, socks, button downs, jackets, and just about everything else you find when you open your closet and get dressed for work. It’s an interesting idea, but go a little overboard and your boss is going to call the authorities instead of HR when you show up in a ghillie tux. But there’s nothing wrong with injecting just a little Army ranger into your wardrobe and that’s where this Eleven Eleven Watch comes in – stainless steel with black ionic plating, a camo face, and interchangeable brown and black leather straps. Steel, camo, ionic plating, black, and you get to tinker with it. It’s almost like we designed it ourselves.


Whether you’re heading to the trailhead at daybreak, trekking up switchbacks after lunch or enjoying the scenic vistas after a post-hike dink, you need clothing engineered with trail-ready performance details and clean, considered style that can handle it all. That’s where the TRAIL by Proof collection comes in. With the Active Short, Tee, and Fleece Pullover, this collection covers all the moments before, during, and after your outdoor adventures–wherever your trail ends up. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your outdoor gear with the TRAIL by Proof collection on Huckberry here.