Here’s a watch that defines sleek and modern with a large digital display and a combination of squared edges and a smooth wrist strap. What really makes the E Ink Digital Watch truly cutting edge is the e-ink electronic paper display with perfect paper-like contrast that’s easy to read. There’s no need for backlighting to view the time so it requires less power than most digital watches.

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While we’re well aware that almost every single new “feature-packed” iPhone release is just a clever re-imagining of something Android users had years ago, we remain loyal to the brand because of the simplicity, streamlined ecosystem, usability and overall style. But we’ll also be the first to admit that we loathe the upgrade pricing structure. Or at least we used to before Boost InfiniteBoost Infinite hooks us all up with unlimited talk, text and data, along with the latest iPhone every year for only $60/month with Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan.  Yes, you read that correctly. Yearafter yearafter yearBoost Infinite will hook you up with the latest and greatest with this incredible offer and one low monthly price when you sign up.

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