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There are desk diving watches for the office and there are true diving timepieces. Delma just released one that falls into the latter category with a big, solid thud. The Quattro is a modern version of its quartz-powered original from the ’80s. This time around, it gets a Sellita SW200 automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve and a custom branded rotor. The watch itself measures a robust 44mm wide and dives to a full 500 meters. Special features unique to the Quattro include a flush screw-down crown, a six-notched bezel for easy grip, and a Rapid Bracelet Exchange System (RBES) that allow you to swap between the rubber diving strap and the stainless steel bracelet without tools. It also happens to come with its own attachable aluminum decompression table plate that shows decompression stops. Choose between black, blue, or orange dials and between stainless steel and diamond-like carbon bezels.


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