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I know what you’re thinking: Brett, not another chunky shoe! But, I just had to talk about the Sponge Crater.

While the design itself has a futuristic look, the approach to its creation was to simplify the shoe altogether, focusing on comfort and trying to decomplicate the overall manufacturing process. This happened in a number of ways.

First, the upper is composed of a knit upper with a spandex collar and pull tabs, making it easy to pull on and off. Alongside that, additional comfort is layered into the upper with a specially constructed body made of Crater and CX foam.

The CX foam has been added to the sole of the shoe for extra comfort and overall support, while also giving it a bit of height to the design. The outsole is constructed of foam as well, textured to look like the surface of the moon, giving us even more future vibes from these shoes.

The shoes will be made available on both Converse and A-Cold-Wall*’s website on June 23. Launch photos shoe the foam exterior available in black or white, while the interior and knit upper remain a deep orange for both colors. While prices have not been announced yet, Input Magazine predicts a price tag of $160.

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