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Take Casio’s formula for making an analog-digital beater watch into a legend in no time flat and you get the original GA2100 “CasiOak”. It’s a watch that mimics the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak for a fraction of the cost. Now, the brand has made a full metal version known as the GMB-2100. In full steel, it turns the watch into a premium-looking timepiece. The tough metal watch also benefits from the CasiOak’s shock absorption layer, as well as a new stainless steel bracelet with a three fold dual button clasp. The handsome dial remains, and functionalities such as solar charging and Bluetooth come standard, too. All three models (steel, grey, copper) have sold out in pre-order, but don’t fret. Regular stock is on its way.


From Def Leppard and White Castle, to Kitten Mittens and Curly for President, Pixels has all the incredible tees, hoodies, and tanks to run the gamut from modern chic to ridiculously cool whether your focus is tv shows, movies, superheroes, bands or anything in between. You can obviously shop their millions of unique options that cover everything from the major comic book brands and their characters, to the major movie brands and, well, their characters. In other words, Marvel, DC, Universal and a whole slew of other properties are covered, so create your own custom apparel with individual photos and designs–when you place your first Pixels order here.