When it comes to outdoor clothing stores, most of the traditional options are, well, a bit shit. You can have the outdoorsy flannel, hunting jacket or pair of all-weather pants built for everything from fishing to a weekend on the slopes as long as you’re willing to accept an incredibly boxy cut and an absurd price tag. Skip all that nonsense and upgrade your wardrobe with a stylish collection of outdoor appropriate clothing from one of these outdoor stores with style.

Best Made Co.

It’s almost inconceivable you haven’t seen one of Best Made Co.’s axes with the brightly colored stripes on the handle, but the brand has expanded into tools, gear, storage and clothing since the axes put them on the map. Whether you’re talking a cotton/linen hybrid sweater that’s manually knit using a hand-operated machine by pioneers in the textile industry or a field jacket made with rugged-yet-breathable Japanese Panama cloth, Best Made has an entire collection of clothing that’s stylish enough to wear year round while still being built to be worn while swinging an axe. Link


More than thirty years ago, Alfwear introduced a Peruvian-inspired hat that you would have been able to find on almost every ski hill during the 80s if you could remember back that far. That brand eventually evolved into Kühl, a brand that more than lives up to its mantra of “born in the mountains.” If there’s a piece of clothing you want to wear outdoors, Kühl makes it. Fleeces. Down jackets. Long sleeve button-downs. Outerwear. Pants. Despite the fact that all of their clothing is stylish enough to wear out after a day on the powder or the trail, it’s made with a focus on function to stay true to the brand’s passion for getting outside and having fun. Link

United By Blue

If you’re at all interested in protecting the environment—who isn’t?—United By Blue is a brand that should be on your radar. Founded with the idea that an outdoor brand could also do serious conservation work, United By Blue makes everything from basics like graphic tees, hoodies and socks, to summer essentials like board shorts and short-sleeve button downs that are cooler than the other options you’ll find locally. In addition to making you look good, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for every product sold—which has led to over two hundred cleanups and the removal of over 1,000,000 pounds of trash to date. Link

Duluth Trading Co.

Spend any amount of time with someone that works in the trades? You’ve no doubt heard them extolling the virtues of the clothing from Duluth Trading Company. Buck Naked underwear that “feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.” Fire Hose workwear “tougher than an angry beaver’s brood.” Dry on the Fly gear that dries “so fast it’s legendary.” (Bonus points for the clever marketing.) Since everything from Duluth is designed and tested by tradesman—some might say it’s built tougher than a truck from the blue oval—it’s more than capable of tackling time in the yard, on the boat, or commuting to the office during inclement weather. Link


No list of outdoor clothing stores would be complete without Woolrich, the oldest manufacturer of outdoor wear in the United States. We’re talking old, old. Richard E. Byrd’s 1939-40 Antarctic expedition old. Clothing for the Civil War old. What have they learned since the early 1800s? How to make a damn good flannel shirt, hunting jackets with more pockets than you’ll ever use, and one of the country’s finest wool blankets. The clothing still has that distinct outdoorsy vibe and utilitarian feel that the brand is known for while also integrating modern fits and finishes that make it perfect the everyday. Link


Born in New Zealand with Kiwi ingenuity and an open mind, Kathmandu has been producing a continuously adapting collection of products focused on four fundamental principles (original, sustainable, engineered, adaptive) for more than three decades. With lightweight down jackets, convertible rain jackets, fleece pullovers, hoodies and merino tees that are all built with forgiving fits and modern technical fabrics, it’s no wonder that Kathmandu is the leading retailer of travel and adventure gear wit more than 150 stores across New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Link


The company originally established in Seattle during the late 1800’s as C.C. Filson’s Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers has come a long way since they were meeting the needs of prospectors passing through Seattle. These days, you’re more likely to find Filson clothing or gear on the backs or in the hands of the #menswear crowd because it’s stylish, iconic and recognizable—but that does’t mean the modern shirts, crisp jackets and iconic work bags are built any less durably than they were a century ago. Link


Westerlind is a boutique outdoor shop featuring gear and apparel from around the globe from a diverse selection of brands ranging from Goldwin and Battenwear to Danner and Helly Hansen. The selection of brands alone is reason enough to consider Westerlind a stylish outdoor clothing store, but they also have a house brand with quite a few outdoor outfitter options better than anything you could hope to find at your average big box store. Link


Despite the fact the brand is often referred to as Patagucci because of its price tag, popularity amongst the yoga crowd, and chic nature of the clothing, Patagonia still makes some of the most stylish outdoor gear on the market. From down vests and jackets to sweaters and button-downs, Patagonia’s options always fit perfectly into the outfits we’re planning. We get the fact that Patagonia products don’t always carry an accessible price tag, but their products are built to last, stay in style, and are easily repaired over the decades you’ll be using them. In our minds, they’re worth it. Link

Topo Designs

Topo Designs is a brand you’re already familiar with because of their incredible color-blocked bags, but they also make a comprehensive collection of outdoor gear that’s just as stylish. We’re talking an ultralight jacket, pair of shorts or flannel shirt in a collection of colors as awesome and completely absurd as those available on their bags, and everything in the apparel collection is built with the same exacting quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from the spiritual successor to Jansport. Link


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