As summer winds down, we’re reminded of all those childhood years picking out new backpacks, trapper keepers and shoes before the school year started. We’re all older now with real jobs and responsibilities, but that also means access to our own credit cards and an approval process that’s as simple as clicking the buy button. Whether you’re heading back to work after a summer off or simply heading backing in after a weekend away, it’s time (pun intended) to put a new watch on your wrist. Go ahead and treat yourself with one of the 10 best back to work watches that won’t break the bank.


Rossling & Co. Classic Watch

Rossling & Co.’s Classic 40mm Midnight Mesh Watch checks all the boxes when it comes to a great back to work watch. In a style that we’re going to call Bruce Wayne on a budget, this watch combines all black everything (stainless case, black Milanese style mesh strap and face) with contrasting gray hands that really pop against the otherwise murdered out timepiece. This watch would be at home at a black tie event or on an anniversary date, so there’s no reason it won’t be the talk of the office when you show up on Monday wearing something svelte and stylish that no one will believe didn’t cost an arm and a leg.



We could go on for days about the about all the different aspects that make this particular TSOVET watch (or any other, for that matter) a great timepiece to add to your collection, but the thing we like the most about the TSOVET SVT-RM40 is the fact that it’s built for adventure yet still appropriate as the watch a CEO of a startup would wear to a meeting with the board. The black and matte cream face are complimented by the gunmetal steel case, and the supple, dark brown strap provides the perfect finishing touch to a watch that’s informative without being busy.


Indochino Premium Charcoal Suit

PARTNER Secure your spot atop the best dressed list in your office when you return to work in a custom suit from Indochino. With your unique measurements on hand, Indochino will build you a suit that fits far better than anything off a rack. And this is a luxury you can actually afford, as the Indochino Premium Charcoal Suit will only run you $399. That means you can own a custom suit and still afford to hit happy hour with your coworkers. Made from the finest Super 140s Merino wool, the timeless and sophisticated Premium Charcoal Suit is sure to turn heads when you meet clients or return to the office.


LTHR Supply T3 Rose Gold Watch

The LTHR Supply T3 Watch uses a patented disc dial with concentric rotating indicators for hours on the outside and minutes on the inside of the face to tell time in a unique way. It’s not what we would describe as a confusing watch, but checking the time using the opposite side of the face takes some getting used to. Once you get accustomed to reading the watch, the retro typography and minimalist 60s / 70s style will grow on you in ways you never thought a watch could. If you want a truly unique work watch this is it.


Mondaine Swiss Railways Evo Watch

If the design of the Mondaine Swiss Railways Evo Watch seems familiar it’s because the design is licensed from—and heavily influenced by—classic Swiss railway clocks. Wide black hands and markers are set against a bright white face and a unique, circle-tipped second hand in red provides the perfect contrasting accent to complete the iconic look of the face. For fans of iconic and simple design there is no better watch than the easy-reading, Swiss made throwback that is the Mondaine Swiss Railways Evo Watch.


MVMT White Caramel Chrono Series

MVMT has spent the past few years redefining what’s possible in the world of watches when it comes to affordability, quality and luxury. For significantly less than one of the best whiskey bottles, you get a well-built (stainless case, hardened mineral crystal), accurate (6 hand Miyota quartz movement with multiple timers) and damn stylish (brushed silver case set against a white face and caramel leather strap) chronograph watch that complements anything from jeans and a polo to a patterned button down and chinos. There are also five different straps available should you decide you want more options when you’re getting dressed in the morning.


Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Watch

All of the watches Daniel Wellington produces effortlessly blend clean design and an affordable price tag with a laid back style that’s still office appropriate. We’re partial to the Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Watch in silver because the eggshell white dial with silver accents paired with a blue and white NATO strap has a classy, nautical vibe while that’s elegant and simple. It’s fun enough to wear on the weekends while remaining subdued and timeless enough to be worn to the company party.


Timex Metropolitan Watch

Timex has always been one of the names to beat when it comes to watches that blend style, durability and affordability. With its textured dial, rich black leather strap and ultra-thin silver-tone case, the new Timex Metropolitan Watch will look good on any wrist it gets strapped to, and it’s so simple and clean that it won’t clash with anything else you’re wearing to that important business lunch or happy hour. The super thin case also means it will effortlessly glide under a shirt sleeve.


Seiko 5 SNKK71 Automatic Stainless Watch

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—there’s no better value in automatic watches than the Seiko 5 series. For less than a Benjamin you get a classically styled stainless steel bracelet watch with exhibition back and a black day/date face all powered by an automatic 21 jewel movement. The Seiko 5 SNKK71 has a 32mm case, which puts it on the smaller side compared to other watches, but that’s ultimately a benefit for those of you who like something on the lean side. Most importantly, whether it’s business casual or boardroom you can’t go wrong with a black face on a stainless bracelet.


Helgray Hornet Fighter

Inspired by 1980s fighter jets and pilot watches, the Helgray Hornet Fighter watch is the perfect combination of overbuilt durability and vintage style. Solid 316L stainless steel case. Double-domed sapphire crystal. Miyota 1L45 Japanese quartz movement. 22mm supply leather strap. Different hour and minute hands so you know what time it is with only a quick glance. There’s even an inner, rotating bezel controlled with the red crown at two o’clock for tracking a different time zone. 10 ATM water resistance in case the day leads you to a pool or the shore. In other words, you get vintage, aviator style in a watch you couldn’t break if you tried for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay elsewhere.


Crownarch Chrono-R1

If you’re only going to wear one watch on a regular basis, it’s better to have something on the formal side that you can dress down with a pair of jeans than a timepiece that won’t work with a suit. Enter new UK brand Crownarch and their Chrono-R1 watch. With a durable stainless build and reliable VD51 Japanese movement this chronograph will make sure you’re on time to all your important meetings and stand up to a beating in the process. But those features pale in comparison to the striking rose gold case and Milanese strap paired with its contrasting ocean blue face. Wear it with a suit or button-down to the office, but it also works for more formal events like a wedding. It even comes in a piano black lacquered wooden box that makes a perfect storage case for the dresser or the nightstand when it’s not on your wrist.

Proof Rover

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, we don’t invoke the Land Rover without absolute certainty our claims will be delivered on. Whether you opt for the straight or slim option, each pair of pants in the Proof Rover Collection calls upon the name of a certain all-terrain vehicle for a reason–they’re durable, comfortable and capable of handling any obstacle in their way–all while looking damn good in the process. They feel like sweats, they age like raw denim and they’re as durable as the most classic work pants. When you want to check all the boxes–with all of the color options–you need to buy Proof Rover Pants today.

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