Boat shoes. Topsiders. Deck shoes. They aren’t just for boats and rolled jean hipsters anymore. With the advent of the Important So and So x Someone Else Important (in this case Band of Outsiders and Sperry) collaboration, boat shoes have gone under the knife more than a few times in recent history. One of the most notable operations is the one you’re looking at now – the Band of Outsiders x Sperry Corduroy Deck Shoes. Band of Outsiders is the name when it comes to high design collaborations and Sperry is the only name that matters in the world of Topsiders. Their collaboration trades the standard leather or canvas for the material you were wearing from the waist down in high school – cordoruy. Except this time it’s cool. And don’t worry, the leather laces and Sperry sole you’re used to haven’t gone anywhere.


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