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The Web’s Best Recipes With Bacon

The Web’s Best Recipes With Bacon

Seeing as how just about every recipe you come across these days includes bacon in one way or another, composing this list was a bit of a challenge. An awesomely delicious challenge, but still a challenge. After lots of searching, cooking and sampling, we can proudly say that these are The Web’s Best Recipes With Bacon:

The Manwich

First off, make sure you buy some solid bread when you’re making The Manwich. Some cheap soft bread and this sandwich will be all over the floor and you’ll be on your hands and knees eating it, and that’s just embarrassing. This guy is loaded with grilled mac and cheese, some pulled pork and – of course – bacon. It tastes like heaven. Sweet, greasy heaven. (Link)

Bacon Brittle, Bourbon-Caramel, Chocolate Fudge Brownies

What these brownies lack in snappy naming they make up for in sheer deliciousness. We mean, the recipe calls for “bacon drippings” for God’s sake. We also happen to like the addition of cayenne for a little hint of heat and all the different textures involved in the recipe. (Link)

Portobello and Bacon Gnocchi Alfredo

Despite strong competition from the likes of pappardelle and tortellini, we’d have to say gnocchi is our favorite pasta. When our favorite pasta is covered in bacon and alfredo, well that’s just spectacular. Sure it’s the kind of dish that should come with a wheelbarrow so you can make it to the couch afterwards, but trust us, it’s worth every damn calorie. (Link)

Boozy Bacon Jam

If you’re looking to bacon-ify your next party – and really, why wouldn’t you be? – this is the ideal way to do it. We could dream up plenty of finger foods that would get a nice boost in flavor from some of this jam. “What kind of appetizers do I have? Oh, just pigs in a blanket with bacon jam to dip them in! BOOM!” Best. Party. Ever. (Link)

Bacon and Maple Chicken Nibbles

We don’t care if you call them “nibbles” or “wings,” you’re going to want a large portion of these napkin wasters. They’re both sweet and salty thanks to the maple syrup and chopped bacon, and are simple enough to put together during halftime if the first round goes quickly. We’d recommend ditching the celery and blue cheese to save room for an extra wing or two, but that’s just us. (Link)

Bacon Hash Browns

You can have your Egg McMuffins and extra large coffee, we just want about a half dozen hash browns when we wake up in time for McDonald’s breakfast. What’s better than that? These homemade breakfast bites. (Also hovercrafts.) Really though, you can’t go wrong with deep-fried potatoes and bacon. (Link)

Bacon Strip Pancakes

While we’re on the whole breakfast thing, we would like to put a solid vote in for these Bacon Strip Pancakes. Is it the most insane recipe that requires you to buy a SousVide Supreme and a some agar agar? No. Far from it. It’s painfully simple, but the results are a thing of majestic beauty. You could layer some on a plate and drizzle maple syrup on top, but we prefer to just carry them around as a portable treat. Like snack bars. (Link)

Bacon Cinnabon-Style Cinnamon Buns

Okay, one more for the breakfast lovers. Actually, if you’ve walked by a Cinnabon in the mall food court and inhaled that intoxicating aroma, you’re well aware that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is when you scarf one down. If there was anyway to actually improve on a Cinnabon cinnamon bun, you knew bacon would be involved. And it is. Wonderfully.  (Link)

Crispy Poached Quail Eggs with Lardons

Can we get a bit fancy for a second? In the immortal words of Mr. Ron Swanson, “You might have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.” Our Pawnee pal is right, bacon and eggs go perfectly together, and this dish presents the pairing in an upscale way. By using utilizing the tinier size of a quail egg, this small bite packs one mouthful of bacon-eggy deliciousness. Using panko to coat the egg adds a super pleasing crunch and you’ll probably win tons of points actually serving these up in porcelain spoons. Of course, they are just as good off a paper plate while laying shirtless in front of the TV. (Link)

Cheddar and Stout Meatloaf

You haven’t been topping your meatloaf with bacon? What’s wrong with you, man? The comfort food staple gets a heavy dose of awesome thanks to some stout, a bit of cheddar and a bacon jacket in this recipe. (Link)

Bacon and Clams Pizza

Sure it’s hard to mess up pizza, but it’s also hard to make a pizza that’s really memorable. This recipe, however, will be one you tell tales about. Everything is just right. The creme fraiche, flour and egg yolk mixture keep the toppings in place so it doesn’t look like you went to war with a supermarket after you eat a piece, and the salty bacon amps up the brininess of the clams. Clever and delicious. (Link)

Maple Bacon S’mores

On our list of greatest things in the world, s’mores and bacon rest comfortably in the top five along with Kate Upton, beer and Marty McFly’s hoverboard. When the two are combined into one drool-inducing item, well it looks like something is gunning for that number one spot. That is until a restaurant where Kate Upton serves them to you opens up. (Link)

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