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The Perfect 4th of July BBQ

The Perfect 4th of July BBQ

Whether you’re lighting up the grill on Wednesday or waiting for the weekend, a good BBQ takes planning. So, if you’re having a few friends over and enjoying some cold ones to celebrate the 4th, start getting your game plan together now. Of course, if you’re like us, you don’t just want to throw a good BBQ, you want to throw the best damn barbecue the free land has ever seen. Here’s how to do it:

Grilled Chicken Wings with Maple Barbecue Sauce
The barbecue sauce on these wings is killer. After you slather it on, save some and pour yourself a glass. Okay, don’t do that, but make sure you get the wings covered in it cause it will let your guests know they’re in for some good eatin’.(Recipe)

Summer Tea Cocktail
Yes, we’re fully aware that you’ll most likely be drinking beer, but as party host, you have a responsibility to provide guests with an alternative. This gin-filled number goes down easy on a hot day and makes a refreshing alternative to some summer ale. Plus, it means there will be more beers for you to enjoy. Jackpot. (Recipe)

Chicken-Apple Hot Dogs with Blueberry Ketchup
Not only does this fancy dog taste great, but it also sports a red, white and blue outfit like an edible Apollo Creed. (Recipe)

Grilled Corn on the Cob
While good corn on the cob doesn’t need much in the way of flavoring, this recipe is fantastic. It’s simple and fancier than just tossing some butter and salt on a few ears. Make some and feel free to get your typewriter on.  (Recipe)

Summer Brews
Just choose one of these. Oh, and buy a crap-ton.

The All-American Cheeseburger
Get some decently fatty meat and fresh toppings and you should have no problem nailing The All-American Cheeseburger. Outside of the beer, the burger is the one thing you can’t forget if you want to throw a solid BBQ. No need to go crazy fancy with the main attraction, this recipe is classic Americana just like apple pie and dominating the Olympics. (Recipe)

Tomato Salad with Crushed Croutons
You’re going to need something on the lighter side to counteract the greasy coating your insides will be gaining throughout the day. Get some good tomatoes and you can do no wrong here. The crushed croutons add a nice crunch and make this a hearty salad that can hold its own. (Recipe)

Homemade Ketchup
Squeeze bottle ketchup is crap. To understand just how overly sweet the stuff is, make some quality catsup at home for your BBQ. (Recipe)

Curried Sweet Potato Chips
Sure you could buy a bag of Ruffles, but homemade sweet potato chips are on another level. We’re always down for cooling off the curry kick with an extra beer. (Recipe)

Bacon Chipotle Potato Salad
For something so utterly simple, Potato salad can really vary in deliciousness. We’ve had some that makes us pack a plate to the edge and we’ve had some that makes us want to puke warm mayonnaise. This is recipe is the best of the best. (Sorry, did you lose your appetite with that “puke warm mayo” thing?)  (Recipe)

Hazelnut Plum Crumb Tart
After downing your fair share of hoppy beverages and flame-licked beef, you’ll need to loosen the knot on your bathing suit to accommodate at least one piece of this insanely amazing tart. (Recipe)