Ting presents the one floor covering fit for a king, god, or even a star – of rock. You might be able to pick up some sweet floor coverings from CB2 and Room & Board, or even “hack” your way into something usable from IKEA, but none of them will come close to the sheer excellence of these vintage leather rugs and tiles.

In the all encompassing album of leather furniture, these vintage belt creations are the power ballad – distressed, with smooth transitions, changes in volume, and occasionally full of holes. In a time when slapping the word vintage on anything and calling it art would allow exhibition in a gallery, the rug (It’s hard to call something made out of leather a rug) manages to stay cool and still fly under the radar… even if it costs $600.

Hat tip. It’s a good thing you didn’t put away those tools from all the “no assembly required” Christmas presents, because there are some pretty good details for construction on Dude Craft. You might not be Rob Halford, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate like he would.


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