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16 Wonderful Wallet Hacks

16 Wonderful Wallet Hacks

Ditch the plain ol’ leather wallet that Mom bought you for Valentine’s Day and go geek with your own home-made job. We’ve tracked down 16 Wonderful Wallets Hacks – check em out…

Cassette Tape Wallet

A little rough around the edges, but very cool nonetheless, the Cassette Tape wallet certainly stands out as a unique way to store your cash. Although using a clear tape looks pretty sweet, something opaque might draw less attention to your cash… not like you’re gonna fit a ton of money in a wallet made out of a cassette tape anyway. Source

Cash Wallet

The author of this tutorial makes the fantastic point that no one will ever realize that you’re rich unless everything is made out of money. Watch the super quick video tutorial and make your own. At first we weren’t sure where this kid got his hands on sheets of money but apparently you can buy uncut sheets of money from the government online. Source

Rawlings Football Wallet

If you’re too cheap to buy a Rawlings Leather Wallet that doesn’t mean you can’t ever have one. Besides there’s something to using that old pigskin you’ve had forever as your new wallet. You really didn’t want to see it hit the trash, and now you can give it a new purpose. Source

Jeans Wallet

We know it’s your favorite pair, but seriously, what else could you do with those old ripped up jeans anyway? Give them new life and keep them close to your… well not heart, but where you used to keep them. Besides, why spend money on a denim wallet in a store when you can just make yourself in 8 steps? Source

Paint Chip Wallet

If you’re unimpressed with the lack of color and style some DIY wallets have to offer, then consider the paint chip wallet. While the pictured wallet features light pastels we see a lot of potential for some kick ass black and red designs. Free to make—just don’t tell the clerk at the hardware store that you plan to destroy their paint chips and never return them and you should be fine. Source

The Anti-Wallet

If conventional wallets are cramping your style we dare you to rebel with the Anti-Wallet. Keep your keys, pens, cards and even photos on a carabineer, which gives you quick access to remove things as needed. Where this hack lacks refinement it gains in simplicity… you can’t mindlessly stuff things into a wallet that doesn’t exist. Source

Credit Card SD Holder

While SD cards are tiny and easy to find a place for, trying to dig trough your wallet to retrieve it may prove itself an annoying task. One solution is to build it it’s very own credit card slot that you can easily slide out of your wallet. This is one of those brilliant, yet simple ideas that makes you wonder why SD cards don’t just come with one of these. Source

Tyvek Mailers or Paper Wallet

While it’s endlessly fun to make things out of duct tape, the more eco-friendly approach involves repurposing paper or mailing envelopes. This particular DIY includes a cash pocket and room for 8 cards, so it’s actually a pretty full featured wallet. Isn’t it fun to save the environment and save on cash? Via

Casino Wallet

In just 15 minutes or so you can have your very own playing card trifold wallet. Depending on the set of cards you start with, this can turn out to be a pretty awesome wallet… imagine what a deck of Theory11 Guaradians Bicycle cards would to for this project. Source

Keyboard Wallet

Geeky yet slick, the keyboard wallet has a unique appeal that will probably leave your friends guessing where you bought it. Learn how to make one yourself in under 2 minutes (the learning part, not the taking-apart-your-keyboard-and-making-it part). Source

Moleskine Wallet Hack

If you’re an artist or a writer and just can’t go anywhere without your Moleskine, and would sooner leave your wallet at home, get the best of both. This flickr set explains how to overcome that dilemma by making some changes to make your Moleskine double as a wallet. Source

Waterproof Shopping Bag Wallet

If the stuff in your wallet is constantly getting soaked (and we can’t imagine that said “stuff” is money because otherwise you would have sprang for a nylon wallet by now) then make a new waterproof one out of a reuable shopping bag. In 6 steps you can have a thin, lightweight wallet that holds up to 12 cards and has a change compartment. Source

RFID Blocking Duct Tape Wallet

This isn’t just any ol’ duct tape wallet; it scores extra geek cred for being RFID blocking. The secret to keeping your sensitive info stored on your Credit Card, ID, metro card or what have you, is non other than alluminum. So this is the equivalent of a tinfoil hat for your wallet, but you know what they say, just because you’re paranoid that doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Source

Wallet Cards on Your iPhone

Sometimes it seems silly how much physical information we’re forced to carry around when the only way our pockets can hold 3GB worth of info is if you’ve got an iPhone. So it only seems logical to store your club cards THERE instead of in your wallet. Especially considering all of the cool iphone apps out there.  One clever blogger came up with the idea of scanning his club cards and keeping them in an album. Cool idea, and with any luck this won’t break the cashier’s brain when you show it to them. Source

Clever Wallet

How can you pass up anything that’s self-proclaimed to be clever? The clever wallet “swallows” money, although you may find it’s really more of a magic trick than a wallet. Cardboard, glue and an elastic band make for quite the interesting trick wallet. Watch the video to see what’s so “clever about it.” Source

Flip Wallet

For a bit more of a polished take on the “Clever Wallet” check out the Magic Flip Wallet which is made from better materials. Link

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