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14 Magnificent Men’s Wallet Designers

14 Magnificent Men’s Wallet Designers


Men’s wallets can sometimes be painfully dull and every few years you get the same boring black leather wallet that just doesn’t reflect your style or sense of adventure. Try something different and treat yourself to a magnificent men’s wallet from some of the coolest wallet designers ever.

Timo Wallets

If you’ve been wanting to ditch your old-fashioned leather wallet and replace it with something modern and eco-friendly then you’ll want to check out Timo Wallets. Timo Wallets are quickly becoming known for creative graphics, pixilated prints and high detail landscapes printed right on the wallets. Each wallet earns the green badge of eco-friendly, being made from recycled paper and using soy-ink and post-consumer vinyl.

Dynomighty Designs – Mighty Wallets

We’ve seen some cool DIY Tyvek mail envelope wallets, but nothing like the Might Wallets from Dynomigty. This collection of water-resistant, tear resistant and recyclable wallets feature a wide range of cool artwork and prints, much of which is paper inspired with designs like air mail envelopes, money, newsprint, and even city maps. Each wallet is slim and features a stitch-less, completely folded design.

Resist Today Wallets

Resist Today Wallets feature amazing artwork, much of which draw themes from nature and the human body. Their use of color and silhouette create intrigue that’s only enhanced by the fact that no 2 wallets are the same. Their collection of one-of-a-kind wallets may run a bit pricey, but then again, how many get people get to boast owning the only wallet of its kind? Resist Today also offers some cool wallets that are more attainable to the masses if you don’t care about someone else possibly having the same wallet you do.

Dosh Wallets

In Australia they don’t call it cash, they call it dosh. They also live life to the extreme and as a result need a tougher and more accessible wallet then most. The Dosh Wallet is tear-proof, waterproof and pretty much indestructible, so they’re great for anyone who plans on getting wet or dirty.

Black Crow Wallets

Who says records aren’t as compact and convenient as MP3s? Sure, you can’t actually play them after they’ve been repurposed into a cool LP wallet, but you can still carry your favorite record wherever you go. Black Crow Vinyl Record Wallets let you put your favorite LP to good use. The records used to make the wallets include The Beatles, Bob Marley, The Clash, The Doors, Elvis and more.

MAKR wallets

MAKR Wallets embody a classic rugged style that could only come from quality work that combines modern and traditional craftsmanship perfectly. Available in a variety of styles and patterns, MAKR Wallets will impress you with their simple and natural designs. Everything from the style, functionality and features are planned out thoughtfully and recreated in a family owned factory where only a small quantity of each product is made.

db clay Wallets

Each wallet from db clay features stunning original artwork and images that have their own story to tell. Sorting through their collection of wallets you may find yourself drawn to something you can relate to personally, or you might just appreciate the incredible artwork. With tons of breathtaking designs to choose from it would be easy to find something that suits you… that is if they weren’t almost always sold out immediately!

Ducti Wallets

Ducti took the idea of a homemade duct tape wallet and turned it into an art form. They produce unique wallets made from the amazing mult-purpose tape you can’t live without. For purists, they offer a line of 100% duct tape wallets and of course many wonderful hybrids. If you’re not so sure you’re ready to switch to such a shiny wallet, you might like the Ducti Leather Joey Wallet made of genuine leather that includes a duct tape pullout, which makes a great transition.

Moxie & Oliver

There’s a severe lack of thick rugged leather wallets in modern fashion that leaves anyone yearning for something with and old-fashioned Western to feel sorely disappointed. Luckily the creative genius behind Moxie and Oliver is working hard to bring back some traditional tooling leather to create some of the most original and diverse wallets we’ve ever seen. All of the cutting, branding, dying and stitching is done entirely by hand for a traditional wallet that will last a lifetime.

AMO wallets

The wallets by Amo use rich leathers, men’s suiting and gunmetal rivets that each display their own unique style. Most of the wallets use striking fabrics with masculine and classy patterns like pinstripes and plaid in classic colors like navy, black, and grey. However, we’d also like to point out the Swiss Cross Billfold made from rich red and white leather. Each wallet features several card slots, removable ID holders and 2 dividers for cash.

Narwhal Co. Wallets

It’s no surprise that a company named for a endangered horned whale sells eco-friendly products made from recycled and used materials. Narwhal Co offers a unique array of slim wallets that don’t skimp on style. Each of their Tie-Fold Wallets comes in bold colors and patterns that make it easy to switch to a green solution for storing your green.

Poketo Wallets

Poketo Wallets showcase an incredible assortment of unique contemporary artwork that you can carry around with you wherever you go. Each wallet is different, but truly expressive and imaginative. Inside you’ll find a bio of the artist to give you small insights into the extraordinary artwork on the outside.

Hard Graft Wallets

The combination of wool felt and premium leather creates a memorable and dynamic look. Hard Graft’s collection of phone cases, passport cases and pocket wallets offer simple and stylish solutions for your personal storage needs. All of Hard Graft’s accessories use unique methods of hanging on to your stuff via clips and straps helping to make sure that you hold on to everything without worries.

J. FOLD Wallets

A favorite among celebrities, J. Fold sets themselves apart as the coolest quality wallet brand you can actually afford. Dubbed the original sports wallet, J Fold Wallets are available in any color or style you could possibly imagine and are known for their interesting exterior patterns. The design and functionality stays simple without any cheap inserts or unnecessary bulk.

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