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With the rise of sustainable living and the growing popularity of tiny homes, it seems that the smallest car in the world is poised to make a serious comeback. Measuring just four and a half feet long and three and a quarter feet wide, the original Peel P50 from 1962 looks more like a kids toy than a capable automobile. Call it playful nostalgia or eco-conscious driving, but the makers of the P50 are reviving this oddity in the modern era. Now, customers can order a factory-built P50 or a self-assembly kit in both electric and gasoline models.

The car has been updated for more modern stylings and you can choose from several paint options and make different modifications. Don’t expect to speed down the street in this tiny trike, the speeds top out at around 30 mph. But, because it’s classified as a light moped or scooter, the P50 is indeed street legal and could make for a unique addition to your garage — without taking up much space.


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