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Yettie E-Scooter Concept

Yettie E-Scooter Concept

Does the world need a new electric scooter? No. Does it need one when it looks this cool? Probably. The Yettie was designed to address urban mobility needs but it does so with seriously fetching looks. Meant to dock in charging stations (versus being left just about anywhere), the Yettie has hubless double-width tires that are connected via sprocket, and the rear wheels utilize covers while the front ones are open. The entire frame is angular, and it incorporates a digital display, a kickstand, a thumb-throttle, and a Y-shaped LED headlight. This might be an E-Scooter that will get rented time and again because it totally ditches the dorky look of so many others. Right now, it’s just a rendering, but let’s hope it becomes a reality someday.

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