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Woodford Reserve Annual Holiday Bottle

Woodford Reserve Annual Holiday Bottle

Beloved bourbon makers Woodford Reserve announced the release of their annual holiday bottle, which features artwork from British architect Nick Hirst. The Woodford Reserve holiday edition is a yearly release and the charming festive artwork, which changes every year, makes the bottles an easy, limited-edition gift for bourbon lovers. Additionally, Woodford Reserve announced a collaborative spiced apple cocktail mixer made exclusively for Williams Sonoma. Paired together, the holiday bourbon and Spiced Apple create a warming, delicious cocktail.

“The 200 flavors in the bourbon combined with the Spiced Apple make for the perfect crisp, holiday cocktail,” shares Elizabeth McCall, Woodford Reserve Assistant Master Distiller, in a press release.

The seasonal Spiced Apple cocktail mixer was made with apple juice, raw Demerara sugar, and flavors of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. The holiday bourbon bottle is unchanged from Woodford Reserve’s stellar bourbon. The one-liter holiday bottle is available for $50 at your local liquor store while the 16-fluid-ounce bottle of Spiced Apple cocktail mixer is available online and at Williams Sonoma stores for $19.

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