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Wilco Collaborates with Chicago Store Foxtrot on Cereal, Snacks, and Beer

Wilco Collaborates with Chicago Store Foxtrot on Cereal, Snacks, and Beer

The alternative stylings of the 90s and early 2000s are back in a big way. So it only makes sense that indie darlings Wilco should have a moment in the spotlight once again. In a partnership that is almost too perfect, Chicago market/corner store Foxtrot has teamed up with seminal alternative band Wilco on a collection of snacks, beer, and merch. The Foxtrot x Wilco line features artwork from Chicago-based artist Louie Capozzoli that brings this special collaboration to life.

Included in this lineup are Wilc-O’s Cinnamon Cereal ($10), which is made in collaboration with Off Limits Cereal; Jesus Don’t Cry Pilsner ($12), brewed by Great Central Brewing; and the “I’m Trying to Heat Your Heart” gummy mix ($6). Plus, some limited edition merch including a dad hat ($15), jacket ($75), and t-shirt ($20) will be available.

To celebrate the launch of the collaboration, there will be a full Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-inspired pop-up at Foxtrot’s Old Town Store location in Chicago on April 19th. All of the snacks, beer, and merch will be available for sale in-person until May 1st. In fact, in a Willy Wonka-esque move, a few fans will find signed 7″ vinyl records hidden inside select boxes of WILC-O’s Cereal. If you’re looking to participate in the fun, you can order all of the collaborative items other than the beer online at Foxtrot’s digital marketplace.

Imagery courtesy of Ryan Segedi