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The Honbike Is a Seriously Cool Folding e-Bike

The Honbike Is a Seriously Cool Folding e-Bike

Folding e-Bikes with tiny wheels are a bit on the dorky side, honestly. They’re also not really great to ride, either. The Honbike changes all that with a slick design and a powerful shaft drive system that makes chains and belts obsolete. The 240W motor powers the front hub, and there’s even a Smart Uphill System that automatically adjusts Honbike’s transmission according to the incline gradient. The more the incline, the more power gets delivered. It has a 24.8-mile range, an LCD display integrated into the stem, ambient lighting with sensor, and a nifty Smart Safety Response that cuts the motor to reduce speed when the bike tilts too much, so as to reduce the likelihood of injury. The Honbike has already blown out its Indiegogo funding goal, but you can still get in on it.

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