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State Bicycle Co. 6061 E-Bike

State Bicycle Co. 6061 E-Bike

We’ve long raved about State Bicycle Co. and their range of excellent commuter bikes. Now, the DTC cycling brand is going electric with the release of their first e-bike. The 6061 E-Bike sports an aluminum frame, a single-speed drivetrain, and up to 100 miles of range per charge. Combine that with 160mm rotor disc brakes, top speeds of 20 MPH, and a 3.5-hour charge time and you’ve got an excellent commuter bike that can get you to the grocery store, office, and everywhere in-between.

State Bicycle Co. deliberately kept things simple with this new release and we’re loving the sleek design and user-friendly construction. It’s not too techy or fussy and leaves the rider in total control. Pricing for the 6061 E-Bike starts at $1,500 with the option to add a water bottle holder, lights, different pedals, and more.

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