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SKYFLY Axe Personal eVTOL Aircraft

SKYFLY Axe Personal eVTOL Aircraft
From the Metro Skyways CityHawk and the Watfly Atlas, to the Vertical Aerospace Seraph and the Urban LEO Coupe, we’ve covered more than a few electric vertical takeoff and landing craft over the years. While we’re all for the future of transportation–despite the fact we agree in a real sense that people that can’t handle transportation in two dimensions shouldn’t take to the skies–we more than welcome our eVTOL robot overlords and/or the chance to fly a blisteringly fast personal aircraft. The SKYFLY Axe Personal eVTOL Aircraft continues in the tradition of its predecessors with a 100mph cruising speed, 100 – 200 mile electric/hybrid range, and two passenger max capacity. The Axe also features a Vertone 4x Flight System, multiple battery redundancies, 8 brushless motors, 50kw of continuous power, a max thrust of around 1,400lbs with almost 400lbs of payload capacity. In other words, if you’re strapping yourself into–or flying–a personal eVTOL aircraft, the SKYFLY Axe is the one for you.
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