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Sasquatch Highland 60 Off-Road Expedition Camper

Sasquatch Highland 60 Off-Road Expedition Camper

What has two wheels, no engine, and looks like a Land Rover Series III squeezed it out of its loins? The new Highland 60 Off-Road Camper from Sasquatch Expedition Campers, that’s what. The pricey trailer camper measures a not insiginficant 16.3-foot long x 6.8-foot tall and provides queen-sized sleeping quarters with full insulation and heat, rear-door access to a kitchenette, a bunch of lockable cargo boxes, and a roof rack. There are two access doors to the sleeping quarters, a 200W solar system tha powers 12V and USB outlets, and an optional fridge & freezer. Along with these creature comforts comes full-length running boards, a work area, FOX dampers, BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, electic trailer brakes, and full LED lighting. Choose between three different models depending on your needs. Just don’t tow it with a Prius.

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