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ROCS Tatooine Is a One-Off Porsche 911 Inspired by Star Wars

ROCS Tatooine Is a One-Off Porsche 911 Inspired by Star Wars

In the realm of Porsche aficionados, where perfectionism reigns supreme, daring souls often shatter the mold and craft their unique vision of automotive excellence. Richard Gonçalves of ROCS Motorsport embodies this rebellious spirit with his latest creation, the “Tatooine” 911, a one-off masterpiece that boldly defies conventional norms. Unlike the purists who cringe at the thought of altering a classic Stuttgart beauty, Gonçalves embraces the challenge, transforming a 1990 Porsche 964 C4 Cabriolet into a Star Wars-inspired art car.

Drawing inspiration not just from Tatooine, the iconic desert planet, but the entire Star Wars universe, the Tatooine 911 boasts custom flared fenders, a Millennium Falcon-inspired spoiler, and Aurebesh-inspired graphics. The intentionally weathered finish adds a space-travel-worn aesthetic, while the all-terrain tires and skid plate emphasize its safari-ready appeal. The cabin follows suit with faded seats, matching dash, and door panels, creating a lived-in atmosphere. The attention to detail extends to the custom front steel bumper, tow hitch-equipped rear bumper, and a set of weathered Fuchs-style wheels. With a sunken spare tire on the hood and recovery boards on the doors, every element tells a story of intergalactic exploration.

Though the Tatooine 911 is already claimed, the automotive world eagerly anticipates the next stroke of genius from Gonçalves and ROCS Motorsport, proving that breaking from tradition can lead to unparalleled automotive artistry.

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