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Ratio Four Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Ratio Four Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Ratio, the coffee connoisseur’s choice, is back with the game-changing Ratio Four. This sleek single-serve coffee maker redefines convenience without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to those generic coffee pods; the Ratio Four elevates your morning ritual with a compact footprint and lightning-fast brewing time. In just four minutes, it crafts a perfect 6-20oz pour over, ensuring your daily caffeine fix is always on point.

Ratio’s obsession with precision remains unmatched. With a simple button press, the Four takes charge, replicating the expertise of a skilled barista. It handles water flow metering, blooming, and brewing with finesse, leaving you to savor the rich aroma and flavor of your favorite coffee. If you demand excellence from your coffee maker, the Ratio Four is your new essential companion. It’s time to raise your coffee game to the Ratio level.

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