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Nude Glass Altruist & Hemingway Gift Set

Nude Glass Altruist & Hemingway Gift Set

There’s no finer accompaniment for an excellent glass of whiskey than a high quality cigar. Nude Glass, the beloved Turkish glassware makers, know this well and have released the Altruist & Hemingway Gift Set. The perfect holiday gift for any whiskey and cigar enthusiast, this set includes two pairs of Hemingway whiskey glasses and Altruist cigar ash trays. Nude Glass makes each piece in Turkey by hand resulting in durable, stylish, functional pieces. The set is made of pure, lead-free crystalline glass with minerals which strengthen the glass from cracks and breaks. The design is simple yet refined with a unique linear pattern and an emphasis on balance. The Hemingway rocks glass is ideal for sipping a delicious bourbon, scotch, or whiskey on the rocks. And the Altruist cigar ash tray sports two individual placement grooves. The entire set is available now for $100.

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