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Monbento x Opinel On-the-Go Meal Kit

Monbento x Opinel On-the-Go Meal Kit

Nylon lunchboxes are fine, but they have about as much polish and style as, well, nylon lunchboxes. French knifemaker Opinel has partnered with Monbento to create a lunch kit for the supremely stylish bunch. The packable and stackable kit includes an MB Original Outdoor Lunch Box with sealable lids, a limited edition No.08 Folding Knife, the Opinel Picnic+ fork and spoon insert set with cloth wrap, an elastic strap, food cup, and a microfiber napkin. There are handsome mustard accents all over, and French mountain graphics adorn the lid and the knife handle. You’re probably gonna have to upgrade your meals if you’re gonna crack this open in public.

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