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Madre Mezcal Ancestral

Madre Mezcal Ancestral

We’ve sung their praises before but Madre Mezcal produces some of our favorite mezcal. And now the brand is introducing Madre Ancestral, a premium mezcal that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. Crafted with meticulous care in Oaxaca, this artisanal spirit showcases the ancient art of mezcal production. Sourced from fertile soil, the agave plants flourish, resulting in a mezcal that is authentic and truly exceptional.

Madre Ancestral is made from a blend of two agaves, Espadin, which grow 4-7 years before harvest, and Tobasiche, which take around 15 years. These two agaves are distilled in the Ancestral method and result in a light and delicate mezcal offering floral notes and a hint of salinity. The finish is smooth with a honeydew sweetness.

Beyond its extraordinary taste, Madre Ancestral is committed to sustainability. With eco-friendly practices at every stage, from agave cultivation to handcrafted bottles, this mezcal respects and honors the environment. Madre Ancestral is available now to purchase for $150.

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