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Luxurious Hill HX50 Personal Helicopter

Luxurious Hill HX50 Personal Helicopter

Let’s say supercars bore you and the thought of your own private jet sounds too conventional. How about your own luxury helicopter that you can pilot yourself? Now, we’re talkin’. The HX50 is just such an aircraft. Built with exceptional performance, luxurious appointments, and simplified controls, the HX50 was designed for owners to fly themselves.

Powered by an in-house 400-horsepower GT50 turboshaft engine, the HX50 can hit 161 mph with a range of 805 miles. Inside are two front seats, passenger space for three more occupants, twin 15-inch screens, and a mount for an iPad that integrates with the onboard systems and can also display flight plans and additional flight data. The streamlined body incorporates huge panoramic windows for excellent views, and buyers can customize features including paint finishing, in-cabin entertainment systems, upholstery, landing gear, etc. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than a Bugatti Chiron.

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