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Lotus Type 66 Race Car Debuted at Monterey Car Week

Lotus Type 66 Race Car Debuted at Monterey Car Week

Lotus unveiled the stunning Type 66 Race Car at the 2023 edition of Monterey Car Week. Crafted with precision and innovation oozing from every curve, this isn’t just a car; it’s a symphony of engineering prowess and design mastery.

Lotus originally designed the Type 66 for the Can-Am Series but it was never produced with Lotus shifting focus to F1. 53 years later, the car has been revived as a track car that feels both nostalgic with ’70s-styling and progressively modern. With its sleek silhouette and cutting-edge features, it’s a fusion of power and elegance that demands attention on the track. The Type 66 is powered by a V8 push-rod engine that produces 818 hp and up to 550 lb-ft of torque. It featuring extruded aluminum sections, bonded joints, and aluminum honeycomb panels to keep things authentic. Wherever it races, it’s sure to be a head-turner.

Only 10 of the Lotus Type 66 will be produced with an estimated cost of over $1,250,000.

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