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Lightship L1 Travel Trailer

Lightship L1 Travel Trailer

Traveling with an EV will become even more of a reality as time goes on. Just look at truck and SUV offerings like the Rivian R1T and S1T, the Ford F-150 Lighting, the upcoming Dodge 1500 REV, and the newly unveiled Kia EV9. The Lightship L1 Travel Trailer is a new ultra-modern mobile home specifically created for such vehicles. The L1 gets an EV backbone with an integrated battery pack and drivetrain designed to help independently power the trailer’s wheels allowing the EV to haul the trailer without seriously affecting range. The L1 is light and aerodynamic to aid in this endeavor, and it was even wind-tunnel tested. The L1 has a slick “Road Mode” that reduces drag by dropping the top half into the bottom half. What?! The onboard 40kWh battery is upgradeable to 80kWh but can still provide enough juice to run all of the trailer’s systems and appliances for up to a week. It can also charge your EV. It gets 300 miles of range and can also be charged via solar panels. Other nifty details include tablet/smartphone control of appliances/electronics, opening glass panel windows, full kitchen, full bathroom, and the ability to sleep six people.

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