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Lamborghini Trattori Centenario

Lamborghini Trattori Centenario

If you happen to be a farmer that’s got a penchant for the exotic, this Lamborghini Trattori Centenario should get your attention. That’s right, Ferrucio Lamborghini cut his teeth in the agricultural industry prior to making high-end automobiles. In 1948, he started Lamborghini Trattori, and the company actually still builds tractors today. To celebrate Ferrucio’s 100th birthday, artist Adler Capelli has created an operational sculpture based on a vintage Lamborghini tractor. The thing is, this low-slung monster actually works!

It uses a 2.2-liter three-cylinder diesel engine that’s good for about 36 horsepower. The silver and black Centenario tractor displays six exhaust pipes that protrude from just under the top of the body, and there’s even a turbine up front. The single seat sits low, jus between the huge rear wheels. The naked metal body will age beautifully over time, and it’ll look like one of the vintage models that inspired it. This very tractor (model 4 of 5) is up for sale for a bit over half a million dollars.

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