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Jekta PHA-ZE 100 Electric Seaplane

Jekta PHA-ZE 100 Electric Seaplane

The thought of an electric aircraft has us a bit nervous, but the future is practically written based on the sheer number of companies pursuing the technology for air travel. Swiss-based Jekta has created its new PHA-ZE 100 that carves out its own niche as a seaplane meant to access areas where jet fuel isn’t permitted due to the need to preserve plant and animal life. The name of the aircraft stands for “Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emission” and the 100 equates to the range on a full charge, which should take about 45 minutes. Although the seaplane isn’t a reality yet, it is in the early phases of development and may even receive a hydrogen-fueled range booster. The target market consists of air travel companies, emergency services, and, of course, the wealthy.

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