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HWA Evo Mercedes-Benz 190E

HWA Evo Mercedes-Benz 190E

Get ready to experience a blast from the past with a modern twist as HWA, the German race shop, pays homage to the iconic Mercedes 190E Evo II. Initially introduced to compete in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters racing series, the 190E Evo II became an instant legend, both on and off the track. Now, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, HWA is unleashing a reimagined version after over 12,000 hours of meticulous research, design, and testing.

The HWA Evo promises to capture the spirit of the original, featuring a redesigned body with wider fender flares, enveloping broader versions of the classic six-spoke wheels. Say goodbye to the original 232 horsepower, 2.6-liter Cosworth inline-four, as the HWA Evo will sport a brand-new powerplant and transmission. This modernized marvel is set to hit the streets in the fourth quarter of 2025, offering automotive enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of racing history with a contemporary edge. Buckle up and get ready for a ride that seamlessly merges nostalgia with cutting-edge performance.

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