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Grounded RV Aerodynamic Towable

Grounded RV Aerodynamic Towable

Is it a trailer or a spaceship? It’s hard to tell with the new Aerodynamic Towable trailer that’s geared toward EV usage. It’s designed to improve EV efficiency and range, all the while looking seriously futuristic. Made out of composite materials, the trailer stays sleek when towed and then fully expands when parked. It can accommodate 6’5″ individuals when the top is raised in camping mode. It also offers untrammeled 360-degree views, customizable modular furniture, a queen bed, bench seats, pull-out table, dry-flush toilet, and a kitchen. The 1,500W solar power can manage the remotely-controlled electronics and appliances. You can reserve one now with a refundable $100 deposit. Deliveries begin in January 2025.

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