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Everdure Pizza Ovens

Everdure Pizza Ovens

Indulge your pizza passion with Everdure’s dynamic duo: the KILN R Series Oven and the Pizza Station. Whether you’re a pizza purist or a dessert pizza aficionado, Everdure empowers you to craft the perfect pie with these kitchen essentials. The freestanding Pizza Station, boasting multi-directional casters and metal side handles, is a versatile cooking companion for both indoor and outdoor use. Weighing in at a solid 157 lbs, its robust design includes five removable trays, a stainless-steel tabletop, and slide-out steel shelves for convenient storage. With dimensions of 1400 mm x 640 mm x 965 mm, it’s ready to transform your space into a pizza-making haven.

Enter the KILN R Series Oven, a game-changer in the pizza realm. This two-burner marvel accelerates your pizza prowess with a rotating turntable, dual insulation, and U-shaped burners capable of reaching scorching temperatures up to 752°F. Powered by an outlet or five AA batteries, it ensures up to 50 hours of culinary delight. Available in Stone, Graphite, and Terracotta, the KILN R Series Oven lets you bid farewell to pizza deliveries and embrace the homemade pizza revolution. Elevate your culinary adventures and save dough for more Everdure essentials. Your pizza paradise awaits!

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