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Coquine Design Steamer 888 Ultra-Luxury Yacht

Coquine Design Steamer 888 Ultra-Luxury Yacht

Although it’s just a concept, this 289-foot superyacht rendering shows off detailed Art Deco styling from bow to stern. Designer Christian Leyk says the boat is a mix of the New York Central Hudson steam train, the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation jet, and a polished Dualit toaster. We’re still thinking about that last part, but the result is true nautical beauty. The interior boasts space for a salon, a second lounge, an owner’s suite, and cabins for up to eight guests. There are also three decks, a pool, a beach club, a garage, and the ability to be customized to the owner’s druthers. We’re doubtful this will ever get made just like the concept, but the notion of one could be commandeered by an actual boat builder someday.

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