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Cantieri di Pisa Akhir Series

Cantieri di Pisa Akhir Series

There are boats, and then there are boats. The Italian-built Cantieri di Pisa Akhir Series are most definitely the latter. These three boats were born from the mind of former Bugatti automobile designer Etienne Salomè from Berlin. Three boats comprise the series in the form of flybridge yachts that measure 110, 122, and 140 feet in length. Using composite and carbon fiber, they’re about as sleek and sexy as the Bugattis from which they were inspired. Built with luxury and speed in mind, the exotic materials provide structural stiffness and low weight. The engines will be potent with 2,400 horsepower from twin engines for a speed of 29 knots and a range of 900 nautical miles for the 110. The digs will be premium to match the exterior with fold-out terraces, huge windows, and flybridges to entertain your lucky guests.

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