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Campervan Co. Ford Transit Eco Evolution

Campervan Co. Ford Transit Eco Evolution

This camper might not look even remotely as badass as the Xpedition Pro XPRO One, but the Eco Evolution does something the XPRO One cannot: charge itself. The Scottish Campervan Co. took the standard Ford Transit Custom PHEV, and added massive solar panels in the roof, plus a set of fold-out solar panels that together deliver an astounding 1,000 wats of zero-emission power. The system works while the vehicle is moving and can partner with the on-board 3,000-watt Leisure Battery that powers the modular kitchen, induction stovetop, and lights. The Eco Evolution is powered by a 1.0L EcoBoost engine with a hybrid setup. The electrical power can deliver 91.7 mpg and 26-miles of all-electric range. The interior provides seating for four, numerous storage features, and pop-up roof with sleeping quarters. The company is accepting pre-orders now.

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