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Callum Skye Electric Off-Roader

Callum Skye Electric Off-Roader

Ditch your preconceptions about off-roaders – Callum’s Skye is a departure from the rugged norm, embodying sculptural elegance on the untamed terrain. Ian Callum, the Design Director, envisions a revolutionary vehicle with a captivating exterior. A striking accent loop, harmonized with organic forms, defies the boxy convention. It’s a marriage of necessity and understatement, ensuring performance, style, and capability. The integrated glass on the lower doors promises unparalleled visibility, a testament to Skye’s fusion of design and engineering.

Details on Skye’s performance remain veiled, but it’s teased as a “multi-terrain electric vehicle” with a 2+2 layout, all-wheel-drive, and a length rivaling the Defender 90. As the release date remains a mystery, anticipation builds for this avant-garde off-roader that’s set to reshape the market. Stay tuned for the future of off-road aesthetics and prowess.

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