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Blue Innovations Group R30 Electric Boat

Blue Innovations Group R30 Electric Boat

Buckle up, water lovers, because the high seas just got an electrifying jolt. Meet the Blue Innovations Group R30, the Tesla-inspired day boat that’s making waves in maritime innovation. Crafted by an ex-Tesla executive, this 30-foot beauty promises a tech-forward voyage like no other.

Picture yourself basking under the sun on a solar-lined roof panel while gliding through pristine waters. The R30 welcomes up to a dozen passengers, offering luxurious amenities like a convertible dinette, a sunbathing deck, and even a mini beach club with fold-down walls. Inside the plush cabin, you’ll find a spacious seating nook that doubles as a bed and multiple displays for entertainment. But what sets this vessel apart is its dual-motor powertrain, generating a whopping 800 horsepower and an impressive top speed of 45 mph, all powered by a massive 221-kWh battery. With a starting price of approximately $300,000 and preorders open now, the R30 is ready to redefine your nautical adventures. It’s designed for accessibility, making it a tempting prospect for even the landlubbers among us. Get ready to set sail and electrify your days on the water – this is the future of boating!

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