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Ares Wami Lalique Spyder

Ares Wami Lalique Spyder

Ares has achieved the seemingly impossible with the Wami Lalique Spyder, a stunning roadster that seamlessly blends the safety standards of today with the timeless allure of ’50s and ’60s design. Diverging from the trend of chasing bigger numbers and overwhelming tech, Ares opted for a 231 horsepower inline-six reminiscent of the classic Mercedes 280SL. The emphasis here is on character and sound, harkening back to an era when driving was an experience, not just a commute. The Lalique Spyder is a visual feast, drawing inspiration from classic Ferrari and Maserati aesthetics, sprinkled with a touch of Jaguar charm. Crafted from carbon fiber, it maintains the elegance of hand-formed aluminum, ensuring a perfect fusion of form and function.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication, French crystal maker Lalique partnered with Ares to lend its name and contribute 13 meticulously handmade crystals adorning the car’s body, interior, and wheels. This limited edition modern classic is a collector’s dream, with only 12 examples slated for production. The Wami Lalique Spyder stands as a testament to Ares’ daring approach in redefining automotive excellence, marrying vintage allure with contemporary safety standards and setting a new standard for driving enthusiasts.

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