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Zagato and La Squadra Team Up to Release the Limited Edition AGTZ Twin Tail

The Zagato x La Squadra limited edition supercar also features a removable longtail-style rear-end.


Reviving a legacy of racing prowess, the AGTZ Twin Tail emerges as a modern marvel steeped in the rich history of Alpine-Renault’s storied past. Born from the legendary A220 racer’s failed conquest at Le Mans, Chassis #1731 underwent a metamorphosis, emerging as a rally champion. Now, fifty years later, its spirit lives on in the form of a sleek supercar, meticulously crafted by Zagato and La Squadra.

This collaborative effort marries Italian finesse with Polish ingenuity, culminating in a machine that pays homage to its racing roots while embracing contemporary design and performance. Drawing inspiration from the iconic longtail design of Chassis #1731, the AGTZ Twin Tail boasts a striking silhouette, with a removable longtail setup for enhanced agility and versatility on the road. While exact specifications remain shrouded in mystery, enthusiasts can expect a potent powertrain derived from the Alpine A110, promising exhilarating performance and precision handling.

With only 19 units slated for production, each AGTZ Twin Tail promises exclusivity and individuality, with bespoke customization options ensuring a truly personalized driving experience. Priced at a premium starting point of €650,000, this limited edition masterpiece is poised to make its grand debut at the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, signaling a new chapter in the annals of automotive excellence.

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