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WalkCar Is the World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle

WalkCar Is the World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle

Billed as “the world’s smallest electric vehicle,” the WalkCar from Cocoa Motors looks, as Gizmodo puts it, “like a MacBook you can ride.” Based on the appearance of the fully functional prototype that can be seen in the videos, we’re inclined to agree. The personal transporter is small enough to fit in a messenger bag and functions in much the same way as a Segway (just lean). While it’s only in the pre-Kickstarter phase right now, initial reports have the weight at 6.6lbs, 3 hours of charge and a seven and a half mile distance (for up to 265lbs). Cocoa Motors will hopefully have the WalkCar available for pre-order through Kickstarter in the fall.

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