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You Can Rent These Incredible Camerpvans

You Can Rent These Incredible Camerpvans

Interested in living the #vanlife without the commitment of building a full rig, quitting your job and living off the grid full time? Denver-based Native Campervans is a campervan rental company that will literally let you rent #vanlife. With two different van options in the lineup—Biggie and Smalls—Native Campervans is like Enterprise for those of you seeking off-the-grid adventure on a vacation. Biggie is a 2016 Ram ProMaster 136″ High Roof vehicle equipped with a V6, full kitchen (7 gallon water/waste tank, dual burner propane stove, and refrigerator/freezer), living room area with convertible dining table and a bedroom with a queen memory foam mattress. Smalls is a converted 2011-2015 Dodge Grand Caravan with a kitchenette accessible from the rear, living room/bedroom combo with convertible table, bench and double bed, and has enough room to seat up to 5. Each of the vans are also available with optional extras like tents, storage boxes, bike racks, inflatable kayaks, sleeping bags, GPS and hammocks.

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