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Genesis X Snow Speedium Concept EV Could Handle Freezing Temps


Genesis is turning up the heat on electric vehicle innovation with its latest concept: the Genesis X Snow Speedium. In a world where freezing temperatures can put a damper on battery performance, this sleek and powerful concept promises to keep things hot. The X Snow Speedium is part of the X series, tracing its roots back to the original Genesis X coupe concept in 2021. Designed with cold-weather performance in mind, the concept showcases a perfect blend of strength and elegance, making a bold statement regardless of the temperature.

This chilly weather warrior, based on the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept of 2022, stands out with a roof rack equipped with an integrated brake light and loaded with skis. Additional driving lights seamlessly integrated into the front fascia suggest a design geared for all-season adventure. While details about the specific cold-weather features remain mysterious, Genesis is undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle design. The X Snow Speedium joins the ranks of the X Convertible and other concepts in the series, hinting at not just the future of Genesis cars but potentially teasing a new flagship model that could redefine the electric vehicle landscape.