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Traditional Tattoo Kitchen Roll

Traditional Tattoo Kitchen Roll

Cleaning up after yourself isn’t exactly the first thing on a guy’s mind when he’s watching Favre throw interceptions, but it will be the first thing she mentions when she gets home. We’re not saying you need to bust out some sort of cleaning solution (don’t waste the vodka), but if you take preventative measures she’ll be much less ornery the next time you’re forced to interact with her. Keeping that in mind, if it’s not easy no man is ever going to clean, so luckily someone invented paper towel. Leave it to Rockett St George to upgrade even the simplest of manly necessities. These “kitchen rolls” (leave it to the British) are covered with traditional tattoo art. It’s paper towel that looks awesome, what else do you need to know? Except that now, even when you’re cleaning you can feel a little bit more manly.

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