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Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower

Toadi AI-powered Autonomous Lawn Mower

Robotic lawn mowers are a great idea in principle, but not so much in execution since they require perimeter cables so you don’t shred your neighbor’s rose garden. But Toadi changes the game with artificial intelligence that eschews those stupid cables once and for all. Ignore the fact that “she” looks like a rice cooker on wheels. The brilliance of its onboard 4K camera and artificial intelligence means she is fully autonomous and capable of handling a football field’s worth of grass and climb 45% grade slopes. Toadi can also move around objects, as well as notify you of moving objects in its field of view in case you’re worried about trespassers. Toadi will then send a notification to your phone. The four titanium blades make quick work via a quiet, replaceable motor. It redocks on its own to charge and will handle OTA updates, as well. Check it out on Kickstarter now.

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