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The Art of Christopher St. Leger

The Art of Christopher St. Leger

Christopher St. Leger is an artist you should know. After getting a degree in Environment Design from Miami of Ohio and then studying with the department of descriptive geometry in Budapest, he found out his real passion was paint and pixels… and now he’s making up for years of lost time.

St. Leger paints in watercolor, but in a way and with a subject matter – no waterlillies here – that you might just give a damn about. He commingles (just like your recycling, except pretty) the urban landscape with the skateboard street culture to create a final product that’s both realistic and surreal. St. Leger’s pieces also do double duty because not only do they look just as good in your living room as they would in a gallery, the Domestic Curator will be just as happy about the acquisition as the one at the gallery.

Check out more of Christopher St. Leger’s work on mashKULTURE.

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